How We Tracked Police to Gruesome Crime Scene – Citizen TV’s Mashirima

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On Saturday, November 16, the bodies of Joyce Syombua and her two children Shanice Maua and Prince Michael were discovered in a shallow grave within Thingithu Estate in Nanyuki.

The chilling murder of the three was linked to KDF Major Peter Mugure who allegedly led the police to where the bodies had been buried- stacked atop each other.

Citizen TV’s Mashirima Kapombe who has been camping in the area on and off for the past one week revealed that they followed police leads to keep updated with the developments of the case.

“At 12 pm on Saturday, we arrived at Nanyuki Police Station where there was a lot of activity and discussions between the police, detectives from the DCI and Military Police,” she disclosed on Live TV.

Joyce Syombua, her two children Shanice Maua and Prince Michael who went missing on October 26, 2019.
Joyce Syombua, her two children Shanice Maua and Prince Michael who went missing on October 26, 2019.

She added that a few minutes after they arrived at the police station, the officers drove off to a nearby hotel where they stayed for about an hour.

Following leads and carrying out investigations, the officers later drove to Laikipia Airbase with the journalists following closely behind.

“At the Airbase, they stayed for two to three hours as we waited for them by the side of the road. When they drove past us we followed them and they led us to Thingithu area where one of the informers showed them where the bodies were buried,” Mashirima explained.

The bodies of the three were dug up at around 6 PM.

According to various publications, a tip-off from a taxi-driver provided information that the officer had asked him to assist him for a task at the airbase but declined.

Investigations are still ongoing, but according to Laikipia Criminal Investigations Officer (CCIO) Peter Muinde, the three were poisoned before the gruesome murder was executed inside the soldier’s house at the military camp.

“The children have deep cuts in the whole body and the mother could have been strangled to death,” Muinde was quoted by the Standard.

Here is the video of the narration by Mashirima Kapombe:

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